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Applying correctly

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Applying correctly

First of all you should be very sportive; distances generally don’t play a big role concerning jobs. We distinguish three categories in our card index:

1. sport-model
As a sportmodel you should provide, among sporting skills, certain optical criteria - women should be at least 165cm tall (maximum 182cm); men at least 178cm (maximum 192cm). Sportmodels predominantly work for fashion, photo and advertising companies.

2. sportive advertising
Typical body shape in a certain kind of sport is predominantly (e.g. athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting, SUMO, skiing, etc.) – The skills are very important!

3. body-models
Well trained bodies (no bodybuilders).

First of all - please fill in our form and send it including some pictures via e-mail.

For more information about applying send us an e-mail.

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